Event Parking Update

Event Map

In 2017, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration was moved to Snake River Landing, safely allowing the company to sponsor an even bigger and better fireworks show. Thanks to the wide-open spaces and larger fall-out area, last year’s show featured bigger shells, higher-flying fireworks, and an array of pyrotechnic special effects never seen before in Idaho. The 2020 Freedom Celebration promises to deliver another awe-inspiring display for the many spectators expected to attend. Snake River Landing is a 450-acre development that offers plenty of space for attendees to park, spread out and enjoy this one-of-a-kind Independence Day program. There are over 70 acres of grass viewing areas offering clear sight lines in every direction. Attendees will have ample space to bring coolers, shade tents, blankets, pillows and lawn chairs. By facing the fireworks launch platform on the west bank of the Snake River, spectators will be treated to a stunning view of the show. In addition, there are more than 150 acres of parking, including handicapped and elderly accommodations.


Due to new construction at Snake River Landing, the traffic and parking plan for the 2020 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is still under development. The planning committee is making adjustments to last year’s plan and will post new maps to this page in the near future.