I.F.P.D. Announces 4th of July Parking and Traffic Restrictions

The Idaho Falls Police Department is once again gearing up for the 4th of July in Idaho Falls. If you’re planning on attending any of the 4th of July festivities, here is information on parking restrictions and road closures that will be in effect during the holiday. (see the parking map here)

• Memorial Drive, from Broadway to “E” Street, will be closed to all vehicle traffic beginning at 6 a.m., Friday, July 3. Memorial Drive will not re-open until Sunday morning, July 5. The closure is to accommodate The Liberty Festival.

• There will be no parking permitted on Riverside Drive from “E” Street to U.S. Highway 20 on the day of the 4th. Riverside Drive will be closed to all vehicle traffic on July 4 from 6 p.m. until the fireworks are over and pedestrian traffic has cleared out. Only pedestrian traffic will be allowed during this closure. A fire lane will be established for emergency vehicles only. All citizens are asked to keep this area clear for emergency response during the 4th of July celebration.

• No parking will be allowed around Civitan Park – Elva from Riverside to Jefferson Ave., Jefferson Ave. and “I” Street from Elva to Temple Place – 48 hours prior to the fireworks and until after the fireworks. Vehicles and RVs parked on these streets will be towed at owner’s expense.

• Jefferson Ave. and “I” Street, from Elva to Temple Place, will be closed to all motorized vehicle traffic at 6 p.m. on July 4 until the fireworks are over and pedestrian traffic has cleared out. No parking will be allowed 48 hours prior to the fireworks. Only pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be allowed during this closure.
• River Parkway will be closed June 27 through July 5 to vehicle traffic north of the Driftwood Hotel to U.S. Highway 20.

• No parking will be allowed on U.S. Highway 20 on the grassy areas from Science Center Drive to Saturn Ave. before, during or after the fireworks show. This ban includes the interstate exits and entrances. Vehicles parked in these areas will be towed at the owner’s expense.

• After approximately 6p.m., exits from U.S. Highway 20 onto Lindsay Blvd., Riverside Drive and Science Center will be closed in an effort to break up traffic congestion. Northbound traffic will have to travel to the Lewisville Highway before being allowed to turn back into Idaho Falls.

• The northbound ramp at exit 119 on Interstate 15 will also be closed at the start of the fireworks.

• “E” Street traffic will be for eastbound only, both lanes, to provide egress for fireworks related traffic.

• Ash Street will be closed to all motor vehicle traffic following the parade. It will be open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

• The “island” on Riverside Drive next to Vissing Circle will be designated for handicapped parking only.

• The parade route will remain the same this year. It will proceed west on Fourth Street from Holmes, turn south on Boulevard and end at Tautphaus Park. Drivers are urged to use caution in this area because of the high numbers of pedestrians in that area.

• The intersection at 17th Street and Boulevard will be interrupted twice on the 4th, once for the 5K run and again for the parade.

Please remember that due to the activities and the increased number of people in the city, traffic will move slower, particularly in the downtown area following the fireworks display.
The IFPD asks residents and visitors to exercise patience during the holiday. Drivers should also slow down, relax, concentrate, and make the choice to obey all traffic laws and special holiday parking and traffic restrictions.

For additional information regarding this release, please contact Joelyn Hansen directly at (208) 589-3091, (208) 612-8655 or jhansen@idahofallsidaho.gov.


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(see the parking map here)