On Independence Day: Discover The Biggest Fireworks Show West Of The Mississippi At The Melaleuca Freedom Celebration

No Fourth of July celebration would be complete without a great fireworks show. In large cities and small towns alike, lighting up the night sky with multi-colored pyrotechnics is one of America’s most exciting and enduring Independence Day traditions.

Which begs the question: Of all the fireworks displays out there, who puts on the best show? Is it Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.? How about New York City or Boston? If you want to celebrate our nation’s independence in grand fashion and you happen to be near the East Coast, any one of these destinations will certainly do.

However, if you’re looking for one of the biggest and brightest fireworks shows anywhere in the 22 states west of the Mississippi River, look no further than the scenic banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls.

For the past 23 years, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration has drawn massive crowds to Idaho Falls, and for good reason: It’s the largest Fourth of July fireworks show west of the Mississippi River as measured by the number of shells being fired into the night sky.

This year’s Melaleuca Freedom Celebration will be the biggest ever, packing 17,550 shells into a 31-minute program—an average of 10 shells every second.

The event has quickly grown in popularity. With an annual attendance nearing 150,000, the celebration regularly doubles—and sometimes triples—the population of Idaho Falls. Spectators come from all over the country to see the show.

Texas natives Tammy and Ronnie Deal, who attended the show for the first time last year, say it’s the best fireworks display they’ve ever witnessed.

“It was so moving,” Tammy says. “Here (in Texas), we sit on tailgates watching firecrackers—and we have a heyday. There, we really felt like we were paying tribute to America.”

But it’s not just the amount of firepower that makes the show so memorable.

As with celebrations past, this year’s fireworks display will be accompanied by a live radio broadcast on KLCE Classy 97.3 FM. The pyrotechnics are computer-fired so that each shell is synchronized with patriotic songs and spoken word. Special effects are carefully selected based on the mood of the music or message at that moment.

The event is made even more stirring thanks to a different patriotic theme chosen each year. A “Salute to American Heroes,” this year’s celebration honors the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed everything to defend their country and preserve freedom.

The patriotic theme, elaborate planning, and sheer number of pyrotechnics all add up to a production that is impressive, beautiful, and unique among all of the country’s fireworks shows. It stirs the hearts of the spectators, filling them with a greater appreciation for our nation’s heroes.

“There’s nothing I’ve seen that compares to it,” Tammy says. “No pun intended, but it was explosive. My husband and I will remember it forever.”
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