Biggest Fireworks Show West of the Mississippi 2012



Idaho Falls, Idaho – June 27, 2012 – When does little Idaho Falls, Idaho compete with the large cities of New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C.? Idaho Falls ranks with these big cities in offering one of the nation’s best firework shows on Independence Day. The 20th Annual Melaleuca Freedom Celebration in Idaho Falls will pack 17,153 shells into a 31-minute spectacular production. As measured by the sheer number of shells fired into the night sky, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is the nation’s largest fireworks show West of the Mississippi and one of America’s biggest and best firework displays for pure pyrotechnic firepower, averaging over nine shells per second.


The Melaleuca Freedom Celebration builds on its own momentum each year, adding more fireworks with each passing show. The 2012 show will be its largest yet, firing 571 more shells than last year’s record-breaking show. Seventy-five percent of this year’s new shells are devoted to extraordinary special effects, while the remaining 25 percent will add even more thunderous, high-flying fireworks.


With free admission to the public, the 2012 fireworks program pays tribute to the sacrifice of the soldiers and their families who over the last 236 years have sacrificed their lives and loved ones to secure and preserve the freedoms of this great nation. The 2012 program theme and soundtrack, “America’s Fight for Freedom,” will be broadcast live on KLCE Classy 97.3 FM. The overall message encourages all of us to take pride in being Americans and to never forget those who created what we have.


Because of its reputation as the place to watch one of the nation’s best fireworks displays, the event regularly attracts over 150,000 people from across the country. Each year it is the largest event in all of Idaho based on the number of people in attendance.


“This show is not only to celebrate our nation’s birthday, but it is a 31-minute tribute to our soldiers and veterans who have paid an enormous price so that we can live like we do,” said Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot. “You will miss the entire meaning of the show if you do not bring your radio.”


The pyrotechnics are computer-fired and choreographed note for note and shell for shell. Adding to the program is a narration that takes the audience through key events in our nation’s history, blending in voice recordings of famous heroes and statesmen.


The fireworks display will be digitally fired from four zones simultaneously through a computer. An aggressive grand finale has three accelerating segments consisting of more than 1,689 shots fired over the final moments.


The celebration’s pyrotechnic highlights include a variety of special effects:


Twice Crackling Mine / Crackling Bombard / Pixie Dust Willows: This effect will begin with an instant fire curtain of intense Crackling Rain and transition to 1,620 shots of delicate Pixie Dust and cascading Pixie Dust Willows with multicolored centers.


Stained Glass: Designed to create the effect of the panes of a stained glass window, this sequence will feature a series of 3-4 inch Cut Glass and Stained Glass shells.


World of Falling Leaves: Delicate multicolored “leaves” will illuminate the sky in barrages of Silver Glitter and Variegated Falling Leaves aerial shells.


Go Getters: Always a crowd favorite, this buzzing effect will mirror the flight of swarming bees. This showcase includes distinctive Go Getter shells in a variety of colors and sizes.


Ring Master: This will feature 150 rapid-fire Ring pattern shells that alternate with Strobes and Crackling effects. These themes will be further developed by combinations of larger aerial shells bursting above that also feature multicolored Rings and pulsing Strobes.


Uprageous-Brocade and Blue: Silver Comets and glittering Brocade with Sapphire Blue Star Mines will create a dramatic “zip” pattern.


Colors of the Winds Rainbow Pattern: Zipping from side to side in a rainbow of colors, the multi-shot special effect will be synced by arches of monochromatic colors in waves of shells.


Trident and Crackling Palms: The multi-effect Trident displays a distinctive three-prong pattern with Gold Comets and Crackling Palms and vibrant Silver Coconut shells.


The fireworks will begin to light up the evening sky and reflect off the Snake River shortly after 10 p.m. They will entertain the immediate audience around the Idaho Falls Greenbelt and those located at a distance, with shells reaching over 400 feet in elevation.


Additionally, a banquet dinner, orchestra performance and speeches by Idaho dignitaries take place at a special event (tickets required) that begins at 7 p.m. at the Shilo Inn, 780 Lindsay Blvd., Idaho Falls. While the fireworks show is free, tickets to the buffet banquet and The Freedom Symphony are available for purchase at the Melaleuca product store at 330 North Capital Avenue in downtown Idaho Falls. Tickets are $28 for adults and $15 for children. For more details about the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration and the banquet/symphony performance, visit

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